Monday, October 19, 2009

Lory Loft

The World's Largest Lory Flight Aviary is found no less in Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. The area is abound with suspended bridges and a variety of Lories. These birds are typically found in Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

At the two-tiered central feeding tower, visitors will have the opportunity to feed the birds by hand with a special nectar mixture. The amazing experience heightens as throngs of these cute birds gather near you. Hey! It is the perfect experience to hand feed some birds without actually scaring them. The bird food does not cost that much (forgot how much exactly) and I am sure after you hand feed them, the cost is worth it.

If you get lucky, some Lories might rest itself on your fingers. This is one of the attractions that you must experience. There are lots of colorful birds in there I had a great time just by watching them gobble up the bird food that you offer to them.

You can see other photos [HERE].

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