Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hokkaido Ice Cream

When we went to Singapore, we came across an ice cream joint just outside Centerpoint Mall in the Clark Quaye area. Called Hokkaido Ice Cream, just from the name itself you can tell it sounds Japanese. It is actually. Its cone looks unusually weird too like an ice cream scoop placed on top of a cone that looks like a torch.

The ice cream is made from fragrant and rich Hokkaido milk, with no chemical additives. Sounds healthy right? You should try one of their flavors. The ones we bought tasted great with a little weird taste (like champagne) but still ... tasted good!

I forgot the name of the flavors that we bought. Azabu Sabo has some weird flavors like green tea, green tea with read bean, black sesame and sweet potato. What I am sure of is that I did not buy any of those flavors lolz.

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