Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hard Rock Live At Universal

Hard Rock is no stranger in the entertainment scene. This franchise is scattered across the world and people know this is one hip and expensive bar. Expensive is the magic word ;). There is a Hard Rock Cafe in the Philippines in Manila and I tell you, I never even bothered going in there. It was odd that my first time to go inside a Hard Rock establishment would be someplace else, within Universal's CityWalk Entertainment Center in Orlando, Florida.

It was just a short peep. We really did not hang around that long, nor sipped a few alcohol. We just looked around, then went out ;). The place is huge and there are lots of memorablia inside. It features a full bar and concession stand. Plus the place really is a great one especially at night. I can just tell even though we went there during daytime (there was not much action going around that time). I've heard that it also hosts awards ceremonies, beauty pageants, dance and cheer leading competitions, banquets and other special events.

The logo is pretty huge so you easily find it. It also has a coliseum type structure beside it the logo. This Hard Rock establishments sites just beside NBA City.

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