Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Curious George Goes To Town

If you have never heard of Curious George, he is that animated monkey cartoon character and you can find his playground in Universal Studio's theme park and in Orlando, Florida. This is a kids playground, definitely ;). Your kids will surely love this. But be warned, this area is full of stuffs that can wet you.

Take aim with your water cannon at the town center's clock tower and fill a pair of 500 gallon buckets that periodically dump water in a spectacular splash on the street below.

Make sure you steer clear from those buckets unles you are in your beachware or something, else you would be soaking wet and your theme park plans ruined ;).

What is unique with this playground is that it is not just an area where kids can play but where they can also perform a variety of activities in the area. Your kids will simply have fun interacting with the props there. Just steer clear form those ammos.

We were lucky that time when we went to that area because there were no children playing. It was morning, and a weekday so the theme park was not that packed.

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