Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Birds N' Buddies

Birds N' Buddies is a bird show in Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. While most of Jurong Bird Park consist of displays of birds, at least they have a few show attractions that can unbore guests while inside the premise and this is one of them. This popular show is held in a semi-open air amphitheater that has around 2,000 seating capacity. The show is free of charge and is first come first serve so check the schedule so you can get ahead of the pack.

This bird show showcases a large number of species of performing birds in a single act. Besides highlighting the antics of talented birds like the mimicking cockatoos, this show is also a window for visitors to the natural behaviour of birds like pelicans, flamingos and hornbills.

When we watched the show, the trainer keeps on saying ".... yes indeed". Lolz, Try counting how many times she will say that.

You can see other photos of the show [HERE].

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