Thursday, October 15, 2009

Are You The Daring Type?

With the spate of calamities piling up this year, I think this year has got to be the worst year that I have lived my life seeing news of natural disasters hitting countries here and there. Which gets me to thinking. If I have scheduled a vacation and if for some unforeseen circumstance a natural calamity is approaching like a super typhoon or something, would I still board on the plane going to my intended destination?

I am the scaredy type. Especially when in a plane and while on flight it suddenly goes down a little bit or shakes itself because of turbulence. Man, that is when I get all fidgety. Plus, being the negative thinker that I am, I think ahead that the plane may crash or something. Whew!

What about you? If you are used to being a jet setter then I think that you won't have any fear huh? I don't think I can ever erase my fear of heights, much more riding in a plane lolz.


ijal said...

hmm... let me think first...

love said...



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