Monday, September 28, 2009

Tiger Sky Tower

Singapore's tallest observatory tower is located in Sentosa offering guests panoramic views high above sea level across Singapore even up to neighboring Malaysia and the Indonesian islands. The Tiger Sky Tower has a capacity of 72 in its enclosed, air-conditioned cabin.

Day or night, views from the tower promise to be both scenic and breathtaking. Located adjacent to the Sentosa cable car station, the Tiger Sky Tower is a key point of interest and forms a distinctive landmark as it soars above the surrounding natural greenery. You can easily see this once you enter through one of Sentosa's main entrances. Great time to take photos would be during sunset as you perch high above Sentosa and get to see the sunset and the horizon. Great for silhouette type of photos.

The entrance ain't free so chalk up another set of cash for you to wiggle your way inside this magnificent sky tower.

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