Sunday, September 6, 2009


When I went to a local theme park in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines I was surprised to see one unusually new attraction, called taga-disco. The ride is actually circular shaped, like a thick pancake where guests get seated on the edge and the ride moves them in circles whilst in the middle of it, a disco light dazzling with effects and disco music going along with it. Sounds pretty simple right? And when I looked at the people riding it, I even thought that the ride looked pretty slow and unexciting.

The thing that made it look fun though was that kids enjoyed dancing in the middle while the ride gave them some road bumps whilst moving in circles. If you are going to ride in this, be sure it will be at night where the disco lights will add more fun to it. Once you are inside, it can be quite dizzying since that will be the time you will realize that the ride moves quite a bit fast. Even my parents rode this one. Actually, they were the ones who suggested to us that we ride it haha.

You can view more photos [HERE].


Kcat said...

oh my gosh..totoo the people were really dancing in the pciture, haha mas nakakatuwa yung mga tao kasi nakiki-sayaw pa cool concept

disneyusa said...

yeah it's usually the kids who start dancing first, then the grownups follow ;)


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