Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Siloso Beach At Sentosa

Silso Beach at Sentosa in Singapore is one of 3 huge beaches that make up this vast island resort. It is the home of beach volleyball enthusiasts. The stretch of beach also boasts of various dining and shopping outlets near the shore, and for those who like their day at the beach more vigorous, engage yourself in other outdoor activities such as canoeing, mountain biking or rollerblading.

There are 4 volleyball courts available and they are free for all. Meaning, whoever gets to them first, gets to play them. If you managed to play a long time and you see others are waiting, you could give way to them after an hour. After all, this stretch is one hot attraction area for volleyball and beach lovers so there are bound to be lots of people waiting for their turns, unless it is not during peak season (like a weekday).

You will know you are in Siloso Beach because of the letters S-I-L-O-S-O in different colors and partly buried in the sand.

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