Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sentosa CineBlast

CineBlast is one of Sentosa's digital attractions. Be prepared for the ride of your life! Feel the exhilaration of flying to the top of the highest mountain, the stomach churning thrill of rushing into the deepest valleys and the gripping excitement of being tossed about by whitewater rapids.

That is what you can expect at CineBlast, Singapore's only state-of-the-art cinema simulation ride. Using 3D googles and sitting on a roller coaster like cart, you ride on a log as it moves you around from the top of the mountain down to the bottom. It was a funny ride because my wife kept shouting and shouting because she felt it to be somewhat real while I just laughed whilst we were bumped around. The CineBlast has schedules in intervals so check the schedules in your Sentosa map to manage your time accordingly.

I used the photo from Sentosa's website. We never did manage to take any photos during the ride, else we would not have enjoyed it. I was sure I did take a photo of my wife while she was still on the cart after the simulation ended but I could not find it so I used some other photo instead for this post.

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