Monday, September 28, 2009

Rodeo Rider

The Rodeo Rider, in Genting Highlands' outdoor theme park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a children type version of its famous Space Shot ride. Reaching to as high as 25 feet, the ride can take in 5 children at one time and does the same thing as the Space Shot.

Check out the 3rd kid from the left (girl). She kept crying and crying while the Roder Rider swooped up and down. After the ride was done, it was quite funny because the girl smiled and wanted to go ride it again. But hey, with the acceleration speed at 3 miles per hour, it can be quite scary for kids. Make sure your kid(s) rare to go ride on this one, else do not force them to. They might develop more phobia to it.

Or, let them experience this wild wild west ride for kids! Yee! Haw!


Aneuk Nanggroe said...

Oh.. Great..! but its so far from Aceh and I a poor guy.. hiks..hiks..

disneyusa said...

aw you're so humble aneuk ;) i'm sure you've been there


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