Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rio Grill At The Site

In Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, a new fine dining joint recently opened at The Site in the Lim Ket Kai mall area. Called Rio Grill, the theme seems to be patterned Brazilian style. I am basing it from the name Rio (Rio de Janeiro) and the photos on the walls showing off varieties of masked women for a Carnival event.
We ordered two sets of platters (Rio Carnival Platter & Rio Platter) while my brother ordered sizzling spicy beef steak. Each platter already has two kinds of rice with them, Java and I think Garlic rice. Although the platter looks quite a bit like TGI Fridays, the rice is different and tastes normal. I say normal because the rice at TGI Friday tastes weird like Mediterranean rice. The Rio Carnival Platter is the more expensive one, priced at 745.00 pesos more or less has almost the same contents as the Rio Platter which costs around 300+ pesos. The only stark difference is the huge sausage and some squids plus kebab.

The place looks cozy and the price for their food items are pricey. For the budget conscious, this ain't the place to dine out on a normal day or night. But, if you have cash to spare, go for it. The food and place are both alright.


Anonymous said...

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SANDY said...

Thanks for running my advert, it's appreciated.

I have this template you're using in a file as one of the one's I've been considering. Do you enjoy using this one? It looks most appropriate I think; but I couldn't figure out how to alter the film thing. Seems like you should be able to put your own pictures there, but I see you've not done that. Have you tried, do you know if it's possible? Have you communicated with the designer of the template?


disneyusa said...

@rae hey, thanks for sharing. great site

@sandy i did not place any photos in the film strip because i do not like it. it actually loads photos from your flickr account. i contacted the author of the template to ask for the original image without the film strip but she has not replied back so i just let it be.

Gandhi Hetami said...

hmm, iprefer to choose indonesian or arabian food like sate kambing, sop buntut, because im 100%indonesia, haha

disneyusa said...

those sound delicious gandhi!

kumagcow said...

Ang sarap naman penge! hehehe

Can you visit my site today please? Salamat ah :) http://www.kumagcow.com

Anna said...

Your blog contain a many useful information. I enjoyed the article.

disneyusa said...

thank you anna :)


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