Sunday, September 6, 2009

Motorcycle Stunt Shows

Motorcycle stunt shows are visible in local Philippine theme parks. And I mean those theme parks that are mobile wherein after a feast celebration is done, they move on to the next city. Frankly, I never had the chance to watch one evern when I was a kid. When I was in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, in time for their fiesta celebration, it was unexpected that went to a local theme park set up near the mall.

This motorcycle stunt show is done within a cylindrical structure where people watch them perform from the top and the motorcycle stunt drivers drive around in circles from bottom to top, sometimes even reaching for the money if people try to lure them some cash to have them catch it whilst on the wheels.

This kind of show is actually worth it because the show is pretty long. If you are ever in the Philippines and get to go in one of their local theme parks, you ought to check this out. The show rocks!

You can view more photos [HERE].


jaya said...

keren tuh motornya, aku sering ngelihatnya di acara Sekatenan di kotaku? Update terus ya kawan.

Kcat said...

wow that's cool.ive never heard of a motorcycle show before in the philippines before, i like to see one.

Holidays in india said...

I seen motorcycle in the circus shows only. It super stunted.

tonethephone said...

Motorcyclist are need to be careful while driving the vehicle in the stunt shows.

florida web design said...

even we have motorcycle stunts in our local circus.... its really great but dangerous


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