Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Madids At Boracay

When we stayed in Boracay, we never really looked for any expensive hotel or resort. In fact, we settled for a simple and cheap place called "Madids". I mean, why bother for an expensive room right? When all you will do in your room is sleep a few hours after so many hours of fun.

You would be wasting your money if you plan to sleep all day when you are in Boracay. Morning? Frolick under the sun, stroll on the shore, swim or do any attraction activities that they have in store for tourists.

I am not sure how much it costs per room but Madids was more than worth it. They have simple rooms that accomodated all 6 of us (well, could have been more) with 3 big beds including aircondition, cable tv and bathroom. All for the price of 2,000 pesos. Well, this was in 2005. I am not sure how much it costs now. Still, I am pretty sure that it will be worth it especially if you are with a group, the cost would lessen right?

The room is really simple and clean. Hey, what more could you ask for, right? As long as it is clean, cozy and comfortable, it will do.

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