Friday, September 18, 2009

Going To Boracay

There are no direct flights to Boracay from any country. If you are not from the Philippines then you would have to pass through any of their international airports before taking a domestic flight (if you land in Manila, not sure if Davao has direct flights going there). If you manage to land in Cebu, you can either take a boat going there via Iloilo City and take a bus going to Caticlan or, if you prefer the quicker route, through plane.

Either way, all planes will land on Caticlan's airport. Just a warning though, the runway is pretty small and there have been quite a number of mishaps like planes bumping on walls among others. Now, while some of them did not sustain damage, you can never predict the future. Boracay is a very attractive place. And fun too! But I do not think I could take the plane route going there. The sea is much safer to me.

Once you reach the tip of Caticlan, you will need to take a boat ride going to Boracay which takes around 15 minutes. Once you reach the shores of Boracay, the fun starts! ;)


OceanBreezeInn said...

Right now only SEAIR offers flights with small Dornier planes to Caticlan. All other airlines have diverted their flights to Kalibo and arrange bus transfer to Caticlan; around 90 - 120 minutes. It`s not yet known when Caticlan Airport will be opened again for all other airlines.

disneyusa said...

wow really. thanks for the updated info


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