Monday, September 7, 2009

Customer Service In Singapore: Good Or Bad?

Customer service is vital in such a way that good service can result in keeping customers happy and satisfied. In Singapore, a blog called Are You Being Served aims to promote awareness in Singapore's customer service in all facets. It is a good site to share stories and recommend suggestions for their squad members to try out.

Knowing Singapore hosts quite spectacular events like Formula 1 to name a few, customer service is important to keep everyone involved happy. Good or bad, if you have something to share about Singapore Customer Service .. Share Your Story. There is nothing bad about it. In fact, it will only help improve the service and make them better.

I tell you, I have had bad experiences with customer service in banks. What I did was call up the bank and inform them about it and they did the rest. I know some of you may not be the daring type to even call up the establishments involved and voice out your complaints, the Are You Being served blog is a good place to share your stories and read others as well and it is very effective because they have squad members who initiate various customer service scenarios, observe how service staff reacts, then blog about them.

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