Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cable Car Arrival Plaza At Sentosa

One exciting way to go to Sentosa in Singapore is via its cable car service. Glide through the air high above the harbour skies on a scenic adventure. The cable car ride takes you to and from Sentosa with a distance of 1.6 kilometers, offering expansive views of lush greenery and stunning coastal sights (although when we went there, the sky was dark and the coastlines were bombarded with unfinished building structures, ships and ports).

The ride can be a bit scary since you glide on top of the sea. Whew. I think the cable car in Malaysia was better because it was all land during the ride. Once you reach your destination, you will then be given souvenir photos which ... ain't free haha (what else is new?). I posted my wife's photo here rather than myself because my face was all scared during the cable car ride ha ha!

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