Monday, August 24, 2009


When we arrived in Orlando, Florida, while my aunt was driving us to her home, we passed by a busy section in the city and was surprised to see an unusual building that stood out from the rest.

The building is placed upside down. Ain't that weird? Not for Wonderworks. Once I saw it, I just had to take a photo of it. And for good reason too!

Since most of our time in Orlando were in theme parks like Universal Studios and Disney, I did the right thing by quickly taking a photo of it right away. So, what is this weird building?

The so called story here is that a mysterious building crashed out of the sky, upside down, right in the middle of Orlando's tourist strip.

Inside, the normal laws of physics are likewise turned upside down but famously, the exterior of the building is its best and most noticeable feature, reason being it the most photographed building.

Frankly, since Orlando is a tourist place, you probably need a month to be satisfied to have drove all around Orlando to see attractions like Wonderworks.

Ok, so the photos are a bit dark since it was evening when we arrived, and I resized the photos' size to around 150 pixels in height for this post.

You can view larger versions of them [HERE].

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