Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wild Arctic At Sea World

You will enter a world much like Antarctica. Frozen lands with walls of ice nearly half of an inch thick. The penguins are not found here, they are located in a separate area called Penguin Encounter. Here in the Wild Arctic in Sea World in Orlando, Florida, you will get to see walruses, beluga whales and polar bears named Klondike and Snow.

Sad to say, when we went there, it was under renovation. I was really looking forward to seeing a real live polar bear. They are very rare in any zoo. Here is hoping next year I can get a chance to go to Hongkong and visit Ocean Park because it is said by that time, one of their new attractions will be a polar bear. Cool huh. Because of that renovation, I also missed out seeing beluga whales. I have also never seen them for real but only in photos and in the internet. Tsk! This photo is not mine. I just borrowed it from Sea World's website.

I hope next time when I will have the chance to go back to Sea World, I could see polar bears for real.

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