Friday, August 21, 2009

Shuttle Launch Experience

I did a post regarding NASA last year but it was sort of a short summary of what we did there. One of Kennedy Space Center's attractions is the Shuttle Launch Experience where guests can actually experience what a real shuttle launch and trip to space feels like. Before guests will go strap on to their seats, guests enter the Shuttle Launch Simulation Facility, a looming six-story structure that looks like the actual Space Shuttle facilities at Kennedy Space Center.

As crew members ascend along the gantry, veteran shuttle astronauts share testimonials, setting the stage for the experience to come. Video screens spring to life on shuttle-like robotic arms. Once guests strap on to their seats for the shuttle launch, they will get to experience everything from shuttle launch to its orbit in space. I tell you, it takes like 2 minutes in total right when the shuttle launches and when the shuttle reaches space. That is the speed of Mach 5.

If you visit NASA, make sure your tickets include this attraction. Otherwise, you will miss 1 whole of your life ;). It is utterly impossible to experience a real life trip to space unless you pay millions of dollars for space trips these days. But NASA's attraction gives guests that same feeling worth only a few dollars ;).

Photo taken from NASA's website. Shows the video simulation before guests take on the shuttle launch experience.

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pp said...

i remembered watching a satellite ship launch a few years back in my aunt's garden. it was surreal!


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