Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Long But Short Vacation

I am currently in my hometown in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines because I used my company's vacation leave since they are not convertible to cash. It so happened that it was also my hometown city's fiesta celebration so it was pretty good timing for me and wife as we may enjoy the festivities and I could get to meet my friends and also spend time with my family. Time flies by so fast indeed I feel like my vacation was too short.

We went to a lot of new food joints to try out plus I got to try out our local theme park which I had so much fun since my wife and siblings went there with me. It ain't fun if you go there alone no matter how simple or boring the rides are. Stay tuned for my succeeding posts. I had been slow since I had been mostly out of the house. I will be going back my place since my vacation is up so I can get back to writing my adventures. Stay tuned ...

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