Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Guess Who?

I am pretty sure you know who this gal is. Ha ha! Problem is, she ain't real. I bet you almost believed it huh? Somewhere in Manhattan there is a wax museum that features a lot of well known people like celebrities, politicians, historical figures, athletes and many many more. I forgot the name of the wax museum though, I think it is Madam Tussauds New York. I could be wrong since there may be other wax museums in Manhattan.

We did not go inside since you would have to pay a fee to do so but there are a few wax statues in the lobby which you can freely take photos of like this Whoopi Goldberg. If you get to pass by this wax museum, never miss out the chance to have your photos taken with any of the famous figures they put on display in the lobby. I said any because I am sure they alternately display figures from time to time. As I said, never miss this out if you get the chance. You might fool your friends just like I did ha ha ha!

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