Monday, August 24, 2009

Green Green Switzerland

These days, one would wish for a clean and pollution friendly place to live in. Only a few countries are typically clean nowadays. In Asia, I can easily say Singapore. Out West, Switzerland is one of them. And both of these are known because of the fact that they are indeed clean. Switzerland has tough policies on pollution and introduced legislations that would help reduce the amount of pollution.

Switzerland also charges fees for their water and waste management services as well as environmental taxes that promote personal responsibility amongst its citizens. I wish other countries would adopt these kinds of legislations as well. If they can do it, why can't others right?

Where to go in Switzerland? It would be any place out in the mountains, enjoying the landscape scenery, breathing the fresh air and enjoying a relaxing time on a picnic with my wife and my friends. Plus, I am a photography junkie so I would surely go gaga after taking photos in and around sustainable Switzerland.

Highlights about Switzerland include easy accessibility for train travel, status as a bike friendly nation, green friendly resorts and hotels and an abundance of organic products. Now that is what I call a green wonderland.

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