Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cici's Pizza

Undoubtedly the best pizza I have ever eaten. My aunt in Orlando, Florida took me and my siblings to this fancy pizza joint where it offers buffet pizza anytime, any day. Featuring a variety of pizza flavors that, in my opinion are the best.

They even have this dessert called cinnamon rolls that are absolutely delicious. I am not sure if there are branches outside the U.S. If you have not tried Cici's Pizza, you definitely should. You would keep coming back for more.

I tasted all the pizzas that were served, I was practically stuffed to death that time but it was worth it. I think it cost around just $5+. The buffet also has pasta and salad aside from the dessert and the main core pizzas.

Their pizza dough is made from scratch everyday and the sauce is a blend of vine-ripened tomatoes and spices. Guests under the age of 3 can enjoy the entire buffet for free (now how great is that?!).

The photos in this post are from Cici's Pizza's website. Sadly I was not able to take photos of the ones we ate but I assure you, they are delicious!


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