Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Slide Up

Slide Up is an attraction in Singapore's Wild Wild Wet water park that plunges you down a four story ramp, accelerating until you hit the deck and skimming across to soar on the opposite side and repeating its motion until momentum runs out. That was probably the worst ride I experienced, even more so because I was facing down rather than facing up. My wife was luckier since she was facing up so the thrill did not get to her that much. I was the one who was at a disadvantage ha ha!

You have to carry the inflatable raft that you will be riding on to the top so it can get tiring if you ride on it successively. 4 stories ain't child's play. Daredevils unite! This ride is just for you. Not for me ha ha! I am sure I swore out loud when the inflatable raft went down at high speed while my wife kept laughing at me, teasing that I was at the wrong place in the raft. Grrrrr!

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