Monday, July 27, 2009

NASA At Universal Studios?

As the title of the post suggests, is there a NASA shuttle launching pad in Universal Studios? Nope. This ain't the real NASA. But if you can not go to there, then you can still fool people with having your photos taken here in an area within Universal Studios where a shuttle and its rockets look real in the picture. In actuality, this is only a small replica, as in a small one and when taken from a certain position, will look like the shuttle and the rockets are on top of the building.

There are markers on the floor where the one who will shoot the photos and the one who will be taken should stand. Now, in the photo it looks real right? But the shuttle and those rockets are never on top of this building. It is a matter of good angles and structure positions that make this photo possible.


Hadia said...

No, it's not look like real Nasa.
Well, I never saw real nasa but I guess it is much bigger!!

nice to visit your blog, I found it accidently ^__^ and I thought it's will be nice to post a comment. right?

disneyusa said...

right on hadia!


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