Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Journey To Atlantis

Journey To Atlantis is one of Sea World's attraction rides in Orlando, Florida. As usual since this is a roller coaster ride, I did not ride in it ha ha. Since I cannot really describe in detail the insides of the ride, here is a piece of information from Wikipedia.

Journey to Atlantis begins as the boat is propelled via conveyor belt into a water flume meant to resemble an underwater canal. A siren beckons the boat closer until the mythical realm of Atlantis comes into view. The boat enters the city and all appears well, but soon the siren's true form is revealed and the boat is carried up and out of the temple on a roller coaster chain lift hill. After a left-hand U-turn the boat starts up a second lift hill, entering a dry flume at the top of the hill that carries the boat to the large splash-down drop.

People hanging out near the splash down area should stay a bit of a distance as the splash may wet you in the process. As with every ride in any theme park, camera pictures installed in the ride's premise will take your photo during the ride so try to smile and look good to get a good photo of yourself whilst you scream during the ride. If you are going there during the cold season (we went there November), bring a jacket along with you. Even with the sun's light clearly visible in the photo in this post, we were freezing from the cold weather.

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