Friday, July 3, 2009

Dino Trek At Petrosains

Dino Trek is a dinosaur interactive exhibit by Petrosains, The Discovery Centre. Its collection of interactive dinosaurs, games and fun have taken on a newfound quest to change everything you ever knew about dinosaurs. Petrosains is located at the 4th floor of Suria KLCC (beside the Petronas Towers). Each exhibit has a story to tell and with 9 animatronic dinosaurs and other highly interactive exhibits, kids will surely enjoy what Dino Trek has to offer. The following are what is inside Dino Trek (at least during the time when we went there). And ... you can view some of the photos that we took [HERE].

Dino Chase - a sort of video arcade game where you, as the predator dinosaur chase your prey as it scurries in fear of being your next meal!

Dino Puzzle - play 2 different types of puzzles on their multimedia touch screens; a sliding-tile puzzle, and jigsaw puzzle. Solve up to 6 different challenges here and watch them come alive when you get it right.

Dino Dig - kids will enjoy this one. Let them experience excavating dinosaur remains where they can discover fossils, put them together and then guess the identity of the dinosaur.

Dino Quiz - this will challenge your knowledge with questions on dinosaurs as well as popular misconceptions about them. Just answer with a YES or NO only and an explanation is also be revealed.

Meat & Veggie - you need to keep the hungry dinosaurs at bay by feeding them with the right type of food. Just shoot the right type of food into the mouths of the dinosaurs and hear them ROAR with appreciation! It is the safest and harmless way to feed dinosaurs ha ha.

Dino Colour - this touchscreen interactive game, you can decide what colors that you think the dinosaurs had in their time!

Dino Dance - party on with the dinosaurs. here is a chance for you to dance with the coolest creatures in the Mesozoic era in their interactive Dino Dance exhibit to lively tunes. You will also get captured at the same time and you can send it to your email address if you so desire. Just snapshots though, no video.

Dino Quest - learn about the true facts about dinosaurs at this multimedia exhibit that includes a virtual 360 degree view of these creatures.


Wizart Studio Sdn Bhd said...

is that you like to go all kind fo the exhibition or event..??

disneyusa said...

sup wizart? yep, that is me. :D was there in malaysia last May. cool place.

krisel said...

wow it looks pretty cool, i want to try that kind activity too in the near future.


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