Friday, July 24, 2009

Blue Horizons

Blue Horizons is a theatrical show in Sea World in Orlando, Florida that features people wearing bird costumes plus an assortment of real birds like parrots and condors gliding from one end to the other showcasing each animal's skill and talent interacting with the trainers.

The show also includes dolphins doing stunts and acrobats.

The show's sorty is about a young girl who dreams to swim and fly with the spirits of the sea and the sky. The musical score that goes with this show fits well. Even though this show is mostly centered around birds, sometimes they can get boring since all they do is fly from end to end.

You are not allowed to raise your hand up while the pass through you, else their claws might hit them. Just watch them glide past you back and forth.

The show was ok. The birds' kind was what made this all the more interesting. You rarely see a condor right? Heck, I never saw one till I watched this show. This is the second best show in Sea World, next to Shamu.

(Photo from Sea World's site. Was not able to get still photos because I was recording them on video).

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