Friday, July 24, 2009


Believe is the name of this iconic killer whale attraction in Sea World in Orlando, Florida featuring dolphins, kid killer whale orcas and one huge killer whale named Shamu. The show starts off with dolphins and small killer whales do some acrobats while Shamu will make an appearance during the latter part of the show.

If you plan to sit in front, be sure to wear some plastic cover all over your body so you won't get drenched with water once Shamu bangs its tail on the water splashing you with it. The music that plays with the show is so good you can just feel the emotion once Shamu makes its appearance and the trainer urges the audience to cheer Shamu do its performance. It is a pretty long show so it is very worth it.

One lucky kid will get a chance to go near Shamu and feed him live. My camera memory stick
ran out of space because I was so hooked up capturing videos of Shamu and the others. Check the show's schedules so you will not miss this one out when you are in Sea World.

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