Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A'Lure The Call Of The Ocean

A'lure, the Call of the Ocean is a show in SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. The show is a mystical, circus-like odyssey that features lively music, acrobatics and comedy as well as state of the art special effects. The show, around 30 minutes long, also features variety of colorful landscapes. It is a good show that will entertain families and kids and, well ... adults ;).

The cast is about a group of sirens whose hypnotic voices lure fishermen into their lair for centuries. Check your Seaworld map to find Nautilus Theater where this show is always held. I think we only watched like 3 shows in Seaworld and A'lure was one of them. It was pretty good. The acrobats were very full of finesse while doing their thing. Even though the show is quite long, it is worth to watch it.

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