Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Snow World

If you have not experienced snow in your whole life, now is the chance to do so when you are in Genting Highlands theme park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Snow World is one of the theme park's signature attractions. Enjoy looking at your breath in white snowy color (haha, I always love to do this one), ride on the Cresta Run snow slide with the use of a huge life saver or have photos taken in any of their structures like a snowman, an igloo and many many more.

Before you go inside, I am sure you will be bringing stuffs with you so lockers are provided (yeah, you have to pay again) for you to place them inside. Cameras are prohibited so you can only depend on the photos taken by their official photographer. If your cellphone has a built-in camera, you can try to sneak in some photos inside their igloo structure or in the 2nd floor of their barhouse. Jackets, gloves and boots are provided for free. If you do not have any socks with you, you can buy from them. Pants is a necessity or else you cannot get inside. They do not have any pants for sale ;).

The Cresta Run snow slide is a short slide from top to them riding on a life saver. You will be the one to bring the lifesaver to the top so it can be tiring if you keep on riding it. A very important note. Make sure you grab hold on the side of the liferaft because once you slide down, the lifesaver bounce side by side until you reach the bottom. In the process, your ass gets hit if you try to raise your feet upward. If you raise your ass instead, your feet may get his on the sidelines. Just be careful whilst you slide down.

You get a free ice cream cup when you are inside. Just ask for the barrista who is manning the barhouse. The Snow World area is not really big, which I thought was considering they used the word "World" so naturally, I had to envision some large area full of snow (haha). Still, especially for first timers, I am sure they would enjoy the time being inside Snow World.

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