Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sky Venture

The Sky Venture in Genting Highlands theme park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is a state of the art skydiving wind tunnel that gives ordinary people the chance to feel the thrill and sensation of jumping out of an airplane and freefalling through the sky just like a skydiver. You will experience the ultimate skydiving simulator fly in the only wind tunnel in Asia. If you visit their site to check out more about the Sky Venture, you might think that you would jot down through a tunnel from top to bottom, at the same speed as skydiving.

At least that was what I thought at first. When we went there, the man made wind will force you to sort of float in mid air and then lessening and/or accelerating its wind power to simulate that of skydiving. And I thought you would jump from top to bottom with the help of some wind power thingie. I did not try this because I thought that this was part of the package of the All Parks pass. As I mentioned in another post (Flying Coaster), since this is a signature attraction, this is paid separately. And I did not expect that one so it was beyond how much my budget was calculated. This attraction is good for 2 minutes only and I think cost around 80RM. If you have the extra cash to dough this one out, you should not miss this. The photo attached is not me or any of my friends. I just got this one from some site searching in Google's image section.


Anonymous said...

Nice post. But that picture isn't even of the Genting Wind Tunnel. You should have spent some extra money and went for it. It's worth it. http://gentingwindtunnel.com/

disneyusa said...

it is :) it is the starting point i think. i was there.

it was too expensive for me that's why i did not try it. i mean, good for two minutes. and at that price. plus, i did not expect that would be a separate fee. i thought the genting was like disney wherein you pay just for the ticket and everything inside (attractions) is free...


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