Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rogue Klamath

Spending a vacation in Oregon? Or looking for some fun filled activity to quench your adventurous appetite? Oregon has some of the best rivers for some great Oregon whitewater rafting and steelhead fishing. Rogue Klamath offers whitewater rafting trips and fishing trips for its guests. Whitewater rafting is a fun activity, especially if you are with a group of friends. The adrenaline rush of the power of the river as you puddle your way through the river is exciting. The Klamath River is one of the most beautiful rivers in Oregon and is one of Rogue Klamath river rafting adventures.

For steelhead fishing and salmon fishing, their staff is experienced and knows where the best places in the river will get you salmons and steelheads. Fishing trips are great not just for enthusiasts but for families and even company outings. While there, you can also check into any of their accommodations for a relaxing time after an enjoyable experience from whitewater rafting and/or fishing trip. New and experienced whitewater rafters will enjoy the rapids that abound within these great Oregon rivers. I have tried whitewater rafting and I tell you, if you have not? Try it. At the end of the trip, you will surely want to have another go at it. Check out Rogue Klamath for more details when you plan your trip.

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Joanne said...

The Rogue and the Klamath are two separate and beautiful rivers. The Klamath is actually located mainly in northern California although it originates in southern Oregon. For fishing, particiularly in the fall, birding year round, and a great scenic trip from Interstate 5 to the California Coast, Hwy 96 along the Klamath can't be beaten.


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