Tuesday, June 16, 2009


MOB is an international social network service that lets people stay and get connected with their network of friends through MOB messages, blogs, adding photos and videos, having their very own profile page and by joining groups within the MOB community. To stay updated, you can check your live friend updates to get real time updates on what is going on with your friends. To use MOB is pretty simple. The user interface is clean and navigating around its vast functionalities is a cinch.

You need to register for a MOB account in order to become a member of the community by using your email address. Or, you can have your very own MOB email address and use that to register for an account. Once you are a member, you need to start creating your network of friends and MOB lets you invite contacts from GMail and others. Join groups to also meet other members or create your own blog for other members to see. Add photos and place them in albums to get organized and share it to your friends so they can see visually what is up with you these days.

MOB lets you get connected and share with the people in your life. Best of all, becoming part of this community is free.

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Billy Bui said...

Your blog is so cool. I like your pics. keep it up


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