Wednesday, June 10, 2009

KFC In Malaysia

Yep, that finger lickin' good fastfood center that we all chickenly love. The KFC in Malaysia offers chicken parts bulkier and bigger than the Philippines' malnourished version. We actually ate twice when we were in Malaysia because the chickens were so big plus they have this meal where it includes a soup plus two meatballs. And I just love their rice. I do not know what ingredient they added in it but it is not plain rice. I love the after taste. I forgot how much it exactly costs but I think the meal that I ordered cost 12RM.

Their rice is 1/2 more than the rice offered here in the Philippines. Here, when you order a meal that features 2 chicken parts, they do not allow to you choose either breast or thigh or both. Either one of them should either be a leg or a wing (my most hated part because you barely eat anything with wings). At least that is what I noticed in most fastfood establishments here in the Philippines. You would be lucky if they will let you have two large chicken parts. With the meal in Malaysia, I had two breasts on those 2 occasions that we ate there. Plus, their drinks are like in the U.S. unlike here in the Philippines where you have to pay more just to upsize it.

The other occasion when we ate at KFC in Malaysia was in Genting Highlands. They do charge with tax there (don't know why) so you get to pay a little extra.

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