Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flying Coaster At Genting Highlands

The flying coaster at Genting Highlands in Kulaa Lumpur, Malaysia is a hang-gliding roller coaster. It gives thrill-seekers the incredible sensation of zero gravity, together with the realistic effect of flying. The ride lifts the flyer to a hang gliding flying experience with the unique positioning of the passengers (4 riders per coaster or however you would call it), side by side experiencing drops, spirals and swooping turns. The flyer will experience a constant change of acceleration throughout. This is a signature attraction of the theme park so I am telling you now that this is not free if you buy tickets for the outdoor theme park pass. I think this cost around 12RM each.

I am scared of roller coasters but I rode this one out because I did not have to sit on it. The acceleration does not scare me if my position is lying face down so it was all fun for me. Now, if I was in an upright or sitting position, then that, is a different story ;). You can easily spot the flying coaster ride once you are outside the theme park since it can easily be spotted with its red colored tracks. You can view more photos here.


Tey said...

many times I tried riding on this but, no... I really cant. I just dont have the courage
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Magical Memories Travel said...

This looks like a very intense ride. I would most likely have to do it on an empty stomach.


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