Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fat Passport

Unless you are rich, budget means nothing to you. But for most of us like myself, I tend to be budget wise when I go on trips abroad. Fat Passport recommends trips for you based on your budget, timing, interests, preferences and other factors that you may take into consideration. Filling up the trip engine is pretty easy. Just select your preference from the form field and let it select trips recommended according to your choosing. Each attraction or destination is provided with visual photos so you will have an idea how it looks like complete with description and ratings on budget and quality. No need to look for information on a certain destination in some other site. Fat Passport provides you with all the necessary information you may need.

These recommendations are based on the experiences of other travelers like you. At Fast Passport, you can also communicate with other travelers who have been to places you are planning to go to. With these recommendations, you can also book with the right hotels and flights for you. Personalized travel recommendations only at Fassport, the only place where you can identify the best places to visit according to your preferences.

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