Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Buying Sunway Lagoon Tickets

Sunway Lagoon is a famous theme park in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. It features 5 different parks, all different from the other. When we went there, I did not buy the tickets at their ticket booth center. I actually bought the tickets online because they sell them cheaper. Do not ask me why but if you buy the tickets online, you get special discount rates and the price difference is pretty big too, you definitely can save a lot.

Just be sure you have a valid credit card for payment. Their response time is pretty quick too. I got my response from them the next day. You will be emailed a link for your tickets and you need to have it printed. Make sure you bring a photocopy of your passport because it is part of their requirements. It was a good thing I checked the rest of my email and found out about it. Else, who knows what could have happened if I did not bring a photocopy of my passport along.

One more thing. They will give you a plastic watch (all made of rubber, does not work) as your entry pass. You will be required to deposit 10RM for each of them but they will refund the money once you head home and return it.


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