Monday, June 29, 2009

African Pythons Ride

The African Pythons water ride in Sunway Lagoon's water park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia takes riders in loops in either 3 winding tubes.

There are three gateways to choose from: two covered rides and one open slide. We tried the left most and the middle one and I tell you that the middle one is better compared to the left most gateway.

But it does not mean it was not enjoyable. I would advise you to try all 3 if you can so that you can experience the 3 different paths. Riders can ride the tube in 2s.

The enclosed ones are fun because it is dark and you can only wait till you get out of the python's belly. The ride starts off slowly, then gains momentum.

Do not worry, the momentum is not the same as the one with roller coasters he he he. At the end of the tunnel you will reach your destination and you might end up drinking some pool water in the process once you splash out of the Python's belly.

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