Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prosperity Personal

Personal financial planning is no easy task. There are sites that offer to help you manage tour finances but a certain price. That means you have to pay for it in order to make use of their services. Not Prosperity Personal. At Prosperity Personal, you can manage your finances for free. Whether you wish to save for retirement, plan for your very own home, plan your wedding, grow your personal investments and do risk management and protection, you can do so with Prosperity Personal’s Wealth Manager.

Using it is pretty easy. Take the case under your current portfolio. Just place a value in the investments and return text fields and the Wealth Manager will automatically generate a graph based on the data you supply. Use the icons below the graph and drag them into the graph to see results change in your investments, liability and property assets.

Use the insurance manager to keep track of your insurance while financial snapshot gives you an overview of your savings plans, invested assets and total portfolio. The details displayed in the simulation can help give you ideas what your financial status is on your investments and savings whilst giving you a possible overview of what to expect in the future.

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