Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mexico Pavilion At Epcot

The Mexico Pavilion in Disney Epcot theme park in Orlando, Florida has one of the most magnificent structures among the pavilions. Enter a towering pyramid modeled after an actual Aztec Temple and discover a gallery of artifacts from different periods in Mexican history. Continue into a colonial plaza for festive music and savory dining in a bustling marketplace. Or have fun outside and wear some sombreros and have your photos taken like we did (photo on right).

One of its attractions is a boat ride in a shady lagoon at the foot of a smoking volcano. Enjoy Mexico's finest food in its Mexican restaurants like San Angel Inn or at the La Cantina de San Angel. Apart from those tacos that most of us love, do not forget the most important of them all ... TE-QUI-LA! haha! We had a few photos in front of the Aztec pyramid temple in the Mexico Pavilion. You can view them here.

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