Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Castle Lights And Fireworks

Disney's Magic Kingdom theme park in Orlando, Florida is home to Disney's famous icon, the castle. The castle is huge, as in very huge. I am not sure if there are stuffs inside where people can go in and look at them because we never thought of doing so. We hung around near the castle when it was almost night time as it is always the schedule for fireworks and castle lights turning to different colors. Before that though, people will be asked to steer clear off the middle street going to the castle because a barrage of Disney characters riding on floats filled with glowing lights will parade in front of spectators.

After that, a short story where Tinkerbell is featured glides from bottom to near the top of the castle wherein her actions produce fireworks. Afterwards, the castle's lights changes from color to color. The effects are simply amazing! Combined with spectacular fireworks, man ... it was just magnificent. You guys should not go home right away. If I remember it right, it started around 8pm I think (or probably 7pm)? Just a few hours before closing time. To see more photos of the parade, fireworks and castle lights, please click here.

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