Thursday, April 2, 2009

Veterans Memorial

Another historic site we went to was the Veterans Memorial in Washington DC. The only thing you see there are life like statues of soldiers in their uniforms covered in stainless steel material.

And names etched on the walls of those servicemen who either were KIA (killed in action) or MIA (missing in action) called the Memorial Wall. We actually went there during the night so the photos were not that clear since I only used a digital camera, the flash was not strong enough to illuminate all the soldiers.

A short distance away from the wall, you can see bronze statues of 3 soldiers who are actually looking at the wall as if in solemn tribute to their slain comrades. Within the Veterans Memorial area, the Washington Monument can be clearly seen (the structure that looks like an obelisk in the old Command & Conquer game but the color is white).

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