Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Survive Group

We can never avoid accidents in our lives. If we drive, there is never a 100% assurance that it can never happen. What can be done, is to be aware on certain things so that we could avoid the possibilities. Whether you drive on the road, or work on the road, these things can happen. The Survive Group has its own website filled with tips and advices on how to be able to be alert and avoid such possible accidents. Information can be found here regarding how to drive safely in a wide range of driving conditions, advice on planning your trip and access to the Survice Group’s articles and publications and new initiatives and forthcoming events. These are just a few of them, more advices like driving in the summer, issues on floods and standing water, general winter driving and motorway driving tips can be found there.

Apart from articles and publications, you can also watch videos which look at some of the worst driving behaviours seen on motorways and how you can minimize the risk. The group was initially established by representatives from the breakdown industry with the sole purpose of promoting safety to people stopping on or working on the motorway hard shoulder and high-speed dual carriageways.

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