Saturday, April 18, 2009


Being a parent is not a very easy task. You have to be mentally prepared for it. Being a responsible parent is even harder. Which is what a new website called Parentricity offers to help first time parents be responsible when it comes to such things as purchasing among others. It is a social networking site offering a place for parents to find quality products for their children and also share their views, opinions and experiences with other parents. The site offers a plethora of features ranging from group discussions, blogs, videos and photos section, contests and advices. A parent can never be perfect but one can strive to be the best parent to his/her children. Parentricity helps you, as a parent, buy wisely the things that your baby might need.

You can also purchase items directly from the site. It was designed neatly and professionally and navigating around the site is fairly easy. Each product comes with complete description, reviews, comments from other people, visual photos and even ratings. So I guess once you find a product you are interested in and decide to purchase, you do not have to go somewhere else to buy it. You can do so within Parentricity. It is not just a place to find useful tips and advices for your decisions, but a place where you can also help others by sharing what you know.

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