Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Nice Lol is a photo sharing site but in some aspects has social networking features integrated into it. You can share photos for others to see and people can post comments on it. You can post your photo under a specific category so that people can easily find your photo. You can also create links and post them publicly which, when clicked, will redirect it to the link that you assigned. There are also contests available. Just head on to its contest listing in the site and see which contest may interest you to join.

You need to register to NiceLoL first before you are able to upload photos and post some comments and pretty much do anything else with the site. Connect with other users just like any other social networking site so that you can stay connected with them anytime, anywhere and be updated with any activities they may be doing. Bulletins are also provided for any type of discussions. In a way, I could say NiceLol’s display and presentation make it look like a list of classified ads too. The user interface of the site is pretty plain and simple. Nothing fancy. Just clean and plainly easy to use.

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