Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show

The best show there is among the theme parks that I had seen at Disney theme parks and Universal Studios theme park. A series of energetic stunts featuring automobiles passing through rings og fire and drivers showing their break driving skills among others. The name of the show is called Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show and it is located in Disney's MGM theme park in Orlando, Florida.

The show has more than 40 vehicles featured in the show and backstage in the maintenance garage. The hero car is a custom-built design for the show, while the pursuit cars are Opel Corsas. The 3 different hero cars are all painted red, while the pursuit cars are black to easily allow guests to tell the difference between them. The show also includes specially designed cars that look identical to the others used in the show, two of which are red "hero" cars. One has the interior situated backwards to allow the driver to appear as if he's driving in reverse, and the other has a seat and steering wheel bolted onto the side of the car, giving the appearance that the car has no driver in the driver's seat. One of the black "pursuit" cars is cut in half behind the front doors to give it the appearance of exploding during a scene in the show.

Now, enjoy the show while they give you an entertaining display of adrenaline and excitement. Here is a bit of a spoiler, so do not read beyond this if you do not wish to know and would like to see for yourself. They would ask someone from the audience, most likely a kid (like in my case) to go down and take hold of a remote control. They would then tell the kid to use the remote control to control the car in moving. The kid, and everyone else is led to believe that the car is controlled by the remote control when in reality, there is a driver seated outside the car's door with his own real control to move the car. From the audiences' view, you cannot see the driver. Pretty good angles to hide him, did get me fooled.

Sad to say, we only took photos outside the show's area. I was totally hooked to watching the entire show without thinking of taking some photos while the action happened.


traveler said...

Great story!! would you please putting the show's pics?

disneyusa said...

sad to say, as I mentioned in my post that I did not take any pics while the show went on. I got totally hooked. you can check the web for more pics though. ;)


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