Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kilimanjaro Safari

The Kilimanjaro Safari tour can be found in Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park in Orlando, Florida. It begins in the Harambe Wildlife Reserve, across the river from Discovery Island. Climb aboard a rugged long safari vehicle for an exciting expedition through the wildlife preserve. The ride can be a bit bumpy as it crosses rickety bridges, rocky hills and rivers. During the ride, you will be treated to a great view of its huge reserve with animals like Antelopes, Baboons, Rhinoceros, Cheetah, Crocodiles, Elephants, Flamingos, Gazelles and many many more. Lions do spend the majority of their day sleeping, so do not expect to see much activity from them. The ride is not just about shows. It includes somewhat of a little excitement story as during the last part of the ride, your tour guide will receive word that poachers have taken a baby elephant from its mother. Your truck takes off on a chase to help save the infant animal from harm. Although there really is no animal that is in danger. Keep your cameras ready, you never know what might pop out from nowhere.

You can view a few more photos here.


Anonymous said...

travel to Disney Kilimanjaro Safari is adventurous ride.



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disneyus said...

it is pretty safe too! :)


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