Friday, April 17, 2009

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

Ok, from all the shows that I saw at Universal Studios theme park and all Disney theme parks, this is the 2nd best show that you must never miss! That is right. 2nd best. I will be posting the best one soon. But first, about this. It is called Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and it can be found in Disney's theme park (I actually forgot which theme park). Based on the first film in the Indiana Jones franchise, the show has various different stunts, and recruits members of the audience to partake in the show. The chosen audiences will not be the main actors, but they would be part of the cast like people in the marketplace or a bad guy goon.

The show may be like in an actual movie set where one scene is finished and the next scene with all its props moves into the area ready for another cut. It is a very educational show as you will be exposed to how film making would be like if it were really real. Fights, fires, chases and explosions are the norm in this fast paced show. (If you sit towards the front, you'll feel the heat of the flames.) The Cairo marketplace scene includes some great acrobatics. The Indiana Jones actor is not Harrison Ford though lolz. I never even got to take one photo of it because I was too busy watching every second of it. This, you ought not to miss!

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